Business Principal

Unicorn Oil Company is principally engaged in the business of production and distribution of lubricating oils. Our lubricating oils are primarily marketed under the UNICORN brand and additionally, we also provide toll blending and contract manufacturing services to OEM customers. With production plants in Singapore, we produce a range of more than 400 types of lubricating oils for automotive, industrial and marine applications which today are distributed in over 25 world wide locations.


Automotive Lubricants

Unicornís automotive lubricating oils include fully synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral based lubricating oils that are optimized to provide protection in all gasoline and diesel engines operating in severe conditions. Our automotive lubricating oils are formulated from selected highly refined base oil which has good thermal stability, improved viscosity-temperature characteristics and low temperature fluidity.

Our range of automotive lubricating oils includes Ultrasynt, which is fully synthetic passenger oil. Ultrasynt meets with the API SM/CF standard and carries official approvals by several European automobile manufacturers, namely, Daimler Chrysler AG, BMW AG, Porsche AG and Volkswagon AG to use in their engines.


Industrial lubricants

Unicornís industrial lubricating oils cover a wide category of applications. The products comprise of gear oils, hydraulic oils, coating oils, rock drill oils and heat transfer oils. Our industrial lubricating oils are blended using highly refined viscosity index paraffin base oils.

An example of our industrial lubricating oils is Unicorn hydraulic AW oils which are produced from highly refined lubricating base stocks and hydraulic oil additives. These products are designed to exceed the performance requirements of machinery manufacturers. With an additive system that is compatible with all relevant metals, Unicorn hydraulic AW oils are products that can be recommended for use in most types of hydraulic applications.Our range of industrial lubricating oils also includes chain oils that are formulated to lubricate saw chains. Our chain lubricating oils contains a substance known as ďtackyĒ which prevents corrosion of chains.

Marine and power plant diesel engine lubricants

Unicornís marine lubricants are a premium quality lubricant for marine applications such as engines ranging from medium-speed trunk piston to cross-head diesel engine crankcase systems as well as oil lubricated stern tubes and other shipboard machinery.

They are blended with highest quality base oils and are fortified with special additive packages to provide excellent performance such as high load carrying capacity, good detergency and dispersion properties, excellent rust and corrosion protection for all engine parts. Its strong alkalinity neutralizes acids formed during combustion of fuel.

An example of Unicornís marine lubricant will be Marino 40. Unicornís Marino 40 is a specially formulated engine oil for lubricating medium-speed trunk piston diesel engines burning sulphur residual fuels. Marino 40 contains a balanced additive composition and imparts performance characteristics such as those mentioned above. They can also be used as lubricating oil for power generators.